Welcome to STRATOS'MORES, the World's Greatest S'more Roaster.  

We are setting out to change the way you enjoy the most lovable campfire treat when you roast everything at the same time, resulting in toasted grahams, thoroughly melted chocolate, marshmallows done to perfection, leaving you with the best tasting s'more you've ever enjoyed.  

Our patent pending s'more roaster cradles your treat, holding grahams, chocolate, and marshmallow securely while you rotisserie your s'more over a heat source, the beautiful maple handle allows you to use one or two hands for maximum control, when roasted to your satisfaction, there are ample places to grab your finished treat out of the device with our "S" type design.  When you are done, Stratos'mores breaks down into two pieces and stores securely in it's carry case ready for the next adventure.