How it works

Open device and place on a surface.

Stratos'mores open position

Simply load your cracker in the device...

 Add chocolate....

Roaster with graham and chocolate

 Place the marshmallow on its side on top of the chocolate....

Roaster with Graham chocolate and marshmallow

 Load the top cracker onto the marshmallow and close upper portion....

Roaster with s'more not latched

 Close the top portion by hooking the clasp part onto the main shaft of the roaster, the tension of the marshmallow will keep the Stratos'mores roaster closed, and now you are ready to cook your treat to perfection

Roaster with s'more closed and latched

Allow for time to cool off and enjoy!

Roasted s'more in roaster

Devour the greatest s'more you have ever tasted!

Perfect s'more